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Bhadra Gogari - Founder - Bliss by Bhadra - Handcrafted Skin & Hair care from Mumbai Maharashtra, India

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship? After my graduation ...

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/ entrepreneurship?

After my graduation in B.A.(Psychology), I worked in a HR department. A die hard Art lover; have worked on many different art forms like crafting, crochet and making chocolates professionally. After becoming a mother, I took a break from my professional career. About 5 years ago, I again started teaching kids various art forms and also made handcrafted gift items. But the urge of learning new things never stopped. And finally I learnt making handcrafted skin care products and soaps and found in love with making skincare products. That's where the idea was born to start my own skin care brand.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Business, products and services here.

Last year in March 2019 I started my Skincare brand name Bliss. I started with handmade soaps and face packs.  Today Bliss has a range of about more than 40 products from handmade soaps for kids’ n adults to making soaps for giveaways and gifting. Yes, gifting soaps is a new trend-in - Different shapes, toy soaps, name soaps are loved by kids.

We make different face packs, scrubs, gels, under eye gels, bath salts and hair care products like hair mask, hair gel and hair oil.  We have premium products like Whipped cream soap which is a unique soft foaming soap base for pampering your skin. Our handmade Aloe Vera gel is of the supreme quality. Our focus is to provide best skin care products with least chemical into it. All our products are free from SLES, paraben and animal fat.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

The first biggest challenge I faced was that people were reluctant to use handmade products. Some said it's not a known brand, or it's not tested, or it's homemade DIY recipe. I would need to assure people that these are not a DIY recipe. Also there are many people who have entered the field of Handcrafted products. The competition is tough.

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business?

I learnt that quality and uniqueness helps to strive through this challenging market. A good quality product brings a customer back to you. Also when the customer gets a customised product it helps them resolve their issues and queries faster. It’s important to win the confidence of the customer and build a long relationship with them. At the end it’s all about a blissful customer!

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

I started introducing new products by understanding what people needs and look for in their products. We try and test our products before bringing them out in the market. Learning new skills is helping me make my products more effective and useful. Still there is a long way to go!

Q6. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

Along with being a PAN India brand, we want to focus on growth and explore other markets also. The Indian market of skincare is moving from cosmetic to vital skin care. Just like our inner body, our skin too needs good food. We want people to understand that skin care is as important as inner wellbeing. We want people to experience skin care with safer products. Bliss should become a symbol of skin care.

Q7. How would you advice/suggest new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in business?

Always keep learning. Learn about the market and understand your customers need. Keep upgrading yourself. Build a long lasting relationship with your customers.  Learning is a key to growing. There will always be challenges, but trust yourself and success will be along with you.

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Interviewed, Edited & Published by: 
Khushboo Chotaliya - Lifestyles Influencer from Mumbai, India. 

Khushboo is a student of Yogesh MA's Digital Influencer's Academy.

Kindly follow Khushboo here


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