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Josh Lane - Drummer, Teacher & Founder of Toronto Jazz Collective from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Q1.How did your Musical journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to take up Music as a career? I started playing piano when I was 6 yea...

Q1.How did your Musical journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to take up Music as a career?

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old. We had a baby grand in my house growing up and me and my family would sit around and play/sing a very famous English rock band's songs together. My dad used to be a music promoter in the 70s and both my parents were total hippies! My elder brother was also a metal drummer and when I was 12 I watched him play with his band and it totally inspired me. That's when I got my first practice pad and set of sticks and never looked back!

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Music here.

I love to play and teach a wide variety of musical styles from jazz and latin to hip hop and rock. I wrote a solo album back in 2008 in my last year studying music performance at my College. I write on piano and typically start with a heavy bass line and build off that. I play regularly with famous jazz musicians doing a mix of originals and our own jazzed up arrangements of popular songs. I also run a music collective of 50 musicians called Toronto Jazz Collective that provides live music for special events.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing Music?

Many challenges as I think a lot of musicians face. A big one for me was learning to take criticism and being comfortable getting adjudicated over and over at my College by peers and teachers. Sometimes you'd pour your heart out and not always get the response you were looking for. I found that the key was to stay positive, be open minded, practice often and at the end of the day listen to your heart and soul and everything will work out.

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your Music career?

At first I thought it was about being really good at all styles of music and being able to fit into any musical situation. That's a tough path to follow and will typically lead you to be a Jack of all trades and master of none. Then I realized it's more about finding your sound and playing/writing what felt good to you.

I've always been a big jazz nerd and most of my major influences come from that realm. What I love most about jazz is the improvisational and interactive aspects. It's all about listening and going on a journey with the musicians you're playing with. No two performances can ever be the same!

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

Once I really found the love for jazz I started playing, transcribing and experimenting more and more with it. I toured with a jazz quintet throughout South Korea and we all got to compose original music for the group and perform it live. That was a treat, a serious musical challenge that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I also started getting into making melodies using water glasses on my drum kit more recently and have been experimenting with different arrangements of covers and original improvisations. That's been a blast! You can find live videos on my YouTube channel.

Q6. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

I'm writing original music and plan to apply for a grant and release an album collaborating with many different friends/artists. I'd love to tour the album when it's finished and play the jazz festival circuit with this group over the next few years.

I'm also in the process of applying for a study grant. Ideally I'd like to spend a few months in New York studying with one of my drumming idols and be fully immersed in the jazz scene out there. The grant would help make that dream a reality!

Q7. How would you advise/suggest upcoming Musicians who want to start & sustain their career in Music?

Practice a lot and study with a really good teacher. You have to be proficient on your instrument and hone your craft. Listen to lots of different types of music, be open minded and don't be afraid to put yourself out there in different situations and make mistakes. 

Another important one is Networking. Whether it's attending other people's shows, connecting online, auditioning for bands or going to a renowned music school, it's super important to be social and be part of a community of artists which will lead to more opportunities. I met one of a well known American Drummer when I was playing in LA and his advice was to get to know producers. He said that they were the ones who chose the musicians for tours, recording albums e.t.c. Very wise words from a legend! 

Also apply for grants wherever you can. There are more than you think and it helps financially so you can focus more on your music and less on your finances. 

Last but definitely not least, learn how to promote yourself! Take a free online course. These are the places where you can share your music and get your name out (more than ever these days) so it's important to know how to utilize those tools and gain some marketing chops. Also learning (at least at a basic level) how to record yourself (audio/video) is super important, especially if you're putting out daily content online.

Q8. Are you an independent pop artist/band who does originals or someone who is into cover versions ?

I'm actually both. I play covers, I play originals, I also sometimes play other artists original music and back them up. I think I'll always do a mix to keep things fresh.

Q9. If you are an independent artist/band who does originals then how and where do you see your songs getting released ?

Hopefully through a good indie record label or publishing company, on the radio, on streaming services and online across the globe!

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Interviewed by: Piyush RajaniSinger, Music Director from Mumbai, India.

Edited & Published by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Lifestyles Influencer from Mumbai, India. 

Both Piyush Rajani & Khushboo Chotaliya are students of Yogesh MA's Digital Influencer's Academy.

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