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Patrick Persaud - Managing Director - Apogee Image Consultants - London, United Kingdom and Melbourne, Australia

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/entrepreneurship? My career started in the late...

Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this business/entrepreneurship?

My career started in the late 70s in London’s fashionable Bond Street, an area in the heart of Mayfair. 

While still studying, I had a Saturday job, at one of the fashion forward multi brand business. 

At that time, it was a rare to find people of colour, client facing, especially in the luxury brands, but I was given an opportunity to prove my worth by then and still a global luxury Parisian brand.  

I worked my way through various high-end brands. My experience across the board of luxury gave me the upper hand and expertise to start up my own styling and personal shopping business some 10 years ago in London, and now also in Melbourne, Australia.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Business, products and services here.

We, at Apogee Image Consultants, offer different services within the business, from men’s and women’s styling, personal shopping, tailoring and alterations, sourcing of unique and hard to find items, servicing of fur to fine jewellery and luxury timepieces, right through to men’s grooming & hair and makeup.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing business?

My challenges stemmed from my colour, and at the time my gender, as there where only a handful of men working within womenswear.  

Q4. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business?

My colleagues could be a little challenging should I say in their attitude and discriminatory behaviour. But on the positive side, it gave me more encouragement and determination to keep pushing forward, believing in myself and staying positive in the early days.

Q5. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

My career progressed well, working my way up from the shop floor through hard work, promotion and moving to different luxury brands to broaden my experience; eventually reaching boardroom level.

Q6. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

To empower an upcoming generation of retailers, through mentoring, counselling and advice, with involvement in luxury retail seminars, together with guidance to the corporate world, on dressing and presentation within client facing and work environments.

Q7. How would you advice/suggest new entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain in business?

Be aware of your competitors and study the marketplace within your chosen field, every enquiry could lead to new business opportunities, collaborating with likeminded people/businesses, keep up to date with social media platforms and your visibility to the outside world.

Listen to advice, but always make your own decisions after due consideration. 

My philosophy has always been to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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Interviewed by: Khushboo Chotaliya - Lifestyles Influencer from Mumbai, India. 

Khushboo is a student of Yogesh MA's Digital Influencer's Academy.

Kindly follow Khushboo here

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